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Socio-economic and Demographic Characteristics of Suburbanization in Moscow Region (Alexander Rusanov)


Socio-economic and demographic characteristics of suburbanization in Moscow Region

Alexander Rusanov, Lomonosov Moscow State University



The paper deals with the suburbanization in Moscow Region, the main feature of which is the seasonality of suburban housing, represented mainly by the second homes in non-profit gardener’s partnerships. Factors of suburbanization contribute to the heterogeneity of this process, the formation of different types of settlements and different perspectives, even in areas with common-source characteristics.

One of the main problems associated with the study of suburbanization in Russia is population accounting: unlike the traditional rural and urban dwellers, inhabitants of suburban settlements are not reflected in the official statistics

Only in 2016 the Ministry of property relations of Moscow region issued a register of summer residents. According to this document, more than 11 thousand suburban settlements of various types operate currently in Moscow region, in which there are more than 1.5 million land plots. Their summer population is about 4 million people, which is more than a half of the official population of Moscow Region.

Suburbanization in Moscow region is represented not only by gardener's partnerships, but also by cottage settlements and new multi-storey blocks. Western and north-western districts of Moscow Region are attractive for low-rise development due to environmental conditions and a developed network of roads and railways, while in the eastern and south-eastern districts developers prefer to build entire multi-storey neighborhoods which attract buyers by its low cost.

An indicator of the age structure of the population of the cities of the near and far suburban areas was chosen for the demographic characteristics of suburbanization in Moscow Region. It shows that the younger structure of the population is common for the cities of the near suburban area with the highest rates of new housing construction.



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