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3rd Demographic Conference of Ph.D. Students of Demography



Department of Demography and Geodemography and Czech Demographic Society – subbranch "Population Ageing"




3rd Demographic Conference of "Young Demographers"
Actual Demographic Research of Young Demographers (not only) in Europe


When? 17th and 18th February 2011
Where? Lecture-rooms Levá rýsovna, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Albertov 6, Prague 2


The conference offers 15 presentations, 14 in an oral form and 1 in a form of printed paper. You can download also the abstracts of all papers.


Day 1
Aida Baigarayeva
Reproductive behavior of women in the South Kazakhstan region during past quarter of a century (pdf)

Dinara Ualkenova
One-parent families in the East-Kazakhstan region

Šárka Šustová
The impact of HIV/AIDS on fertility in South Africa (pdf)

Fariza Tolesh
Population forecasting - a very necessary exercise to undertake (pdf)

Martina Štípková, Martin Kreidl
Prevalence of cohabitation and its role in transition to first partnership in the Czech Republic (pdf)

Ulziya Kalzhanova
Marital behavior of Kazakhs in recent time (pdf)

Gabriela Myšáková
Methods of analysis of seasonality in demography (pdf)

Zdeněk Dušek
Using the multistate demographic models for analysis of family formation and dissolution processes (pdf)



Day 2
Kuanysh Nurpeisova
Cultural orientation, attitudes, norms and values of the children of the repatriants from Mongolia and the ohnic Kazakhs in Mongolia

Viktor Rodionov
Distribution of Population as the Geopolitically Important Characteristic of Kazakhstan

Romana Malečková, Jakub Hrkal, Šárka Daňková, Jitka Láchová, Jan Žofka
Long-term care in the Czech Republic (pdf)

Zhanyl Mukhtarova
Mortality patterns and trends in post-communist countries compared with low mortality populations

Klára Hulíková
Practical aspects of the heterogeneity of population (pdf)

Petr Mazouch, Klára Hulíková
Different ways of mortality Modelling


Poster Section
Ainur Karzhaubayeva
Features of frontier migration in the western site of the Kazakhstan-Russia border (pdf)





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