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BOOK: "New Generations in Demography"

New Generations in Demography: New Challenging Adventures in the Population Science

In 2009, the first conference of Young Demographers was organized in Prague at the Charles University, Faculty of Science. It was a platform offering a possibility for young (not only Czech) demographers to meet their foreign counterparts, present their work, and gain useful advice from more experienced colleagues. This conference was then repeated every year since and in the latest years especially, attracted more and more young people to Prague.

The 10th conference of Young Demographers took place in February 2019. The conference was prepared in cooperation with members of the Department of Demography and Geodemography, Faculty of Science, and a few doctoral students of Demography. It is this close cooperation and a significant share of works made by students themselves that makes this event so unique from an organizational point of view. This format also leads to a less formal atmosphere during the conference as well as in communication with the participants.

We are extremely happy that we can introduce this book prepared on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of these pleasant events, always full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

This book is a celebration of Young Demographers, a gift to all of the past, current, and future participants of the conference and also a promise for the future.

The aim of this publication is to present the cross-section of innovative streams in international demography as seen by the young researchers in demography. It covers methodological issues, topics related to fertility and population policy, and mortality as well as population aging.

During the last 10 years many scientists attended the conference of Young Demographers in Prague, some of them repeatedly. A decade later, some of them are already world-known, respected scientists and we, the organizers of the conferences, could only be proud on the fact that those potential future leaders in demographic research were (and hopefully will be) a part of the Young Demographers. Because we wanted to illustrate the personal as well as professional development of young scientists in demography, we asked some of our colleagues around the world, past participants of the conferences, to introduce their research topics. Luckily, most of them agreed.

The book is in the format of open access e-book, so enjoy it for free :-) 



Jakub Fischer, Petr Mazouch, Klára Hulíková Tesárková, Olga Kurtinová (eds.): New Generations in Demography: New Challenging Adventures in the Population ScienceVysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, Nakladatelství Oeconomica, 2019. ISBN 978-80-245-2302-6

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Demography is currently one of the most rapidly developing fields of study, its topics involve contemporary trends of population development in the World, changes in the age structure (and other socio-economic structures) of the population, changes in the intensity of population processes (mortality, fertility, migration, natality etc.) and many others. Among the most important topics, there are above all the population aging in developed countries, health status of the population or persistent high fertility and population growth in some developing countries. The book introduces the issue of “new generations” in demography from two different perspectives – new generations of scientists and new generations of issues. An international group of young scientists jointed for the book preparation and present their work as well as topics currently solved in the population science. In the book, promising topics which deserve the public and scientific attention are presented – the role of demography, population policy, demographic methodology, analysis of mortality etc. The book is intended not only for professional demographers or social scientists but also for the wider public, for all, who are interested in the topic of population and are aware of its importance for the lives of all of us.